BKOooO.com Marketing on a ZERO $ Budget

So I decieded I am going to blog my online marketing startegy as i go along step by step. what works and what doesnt work.


Where I stand.


  • 0$ Budget – Wow sounds stupid right. But I have no cash to market my website.
  • Social media standing – I have no followers. No buzz nothing nada
  • I have a facebook page with no likes
  • I have a Twitter with some followers but not anything substantial.
  • Google plus – Wow we have another zero there.
  • Blogs – This and https://digitalhospitality.wordpress.com
My Goal By the end of APRIL – 
  • Create an interesting campaign.
  • Have 100 likes on FB Page
  • Have 100 new real followers
  • Blog – Have minimum 25 hits a day
  • Google plus – Have 100 +
From where i Stand it all seems superbly impossible. It all depends on my Campaign. No cash campaign.
Its already the first of April and I am out of ideas. Well today i will be spending some time brain storming. My office is in a beautiful place so that certainly helps. It helps me clear my head and think.
If i come up with some great idea i will post it on this blog.
Have a look at my website – http://bkoooo.com If you get any ideas then let me know.
Over and out Charlie!



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